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No Dogumentaries? 

You won’t find any Dogumentaries here just yet. That’s because I’ve only just begun this journey in 2023! So, what you’ll discover here is my portfolio as a filmmaker of other genres. The selection below features only the categories I’ve chosen to showcase. This website would become quite hefty if I were to display all the films here. For a more comprehensive view, head over to Vimeo and search for ‘Carolien Oosterhoff’. I’ve crafted a total of 209 films.


Since 2012, I have been working as a filmmaker. My preference was in creating portrait films of craftsmen. Individuals who possess a story that resonates with me, a story that I believe must be shared with the world! In 2023 I changed into the concept of making Dogumenataries.

Obligation of Effort vs. Obligation of Outcome

As a filmmaker, you can create two types of films: commissioned films and independent films. An independent film is one that a filmmaker creates themselves, without someone else’s plan. The work is only sold afterwards, if at all. This is where the freedom of the creative spirit resides, alongside the disappointment if it doesn’t materialise. On the other hand, a commissioned film involves a client, assuming that the client can get the exact film they have in mind. And here lies the potential challenge. How do I know what you envision? In fact, sometimes as a client, you might not even be entirely clear on that, and that’s completely understandable! Often, that clarity only comes after the film is complete, after you’ve gone through the process. We prepare together as thoroughly as possible, so that we leave almost nothing to chance. Legally, I am protected as the creator against overly ambiguous clients and against customers who, honestly speaking, aren’t quite sure what they want and only realize it during the process. This is why I officially have an obligation of effort, and an obligation of outcome cannot be promised artistically or legally. I can’t do it alone, and neither can any artist…


What is the cost of a Dogumentary? Well, what’s the cost of a house? That depends on: what you want to capture, the duration of the film, the extent of external equipment I might need to hire, or any additional manpower required. A guideline is that I charge Euro 335,- (excluding VAT) per day for filming and Euro 135,- (excluding VAT) for a day of editing. If you wish to be fully involved in the editing process, it would incur additional expenses. Preparation constitutes 90% of the work. Following the filming day, the editing phase begins. You have two opportunities to provide feedback. The director (that’s me in this case) gives the final artistic touch to the production. If you desire more influence, you can opt to purchase additional time at my daily rate. Therefore, the third revision round would cost Euro 335,- , and the fourth, fifth, and sixth as well. After the seventh round, we’ll conclude and I will finalize the film in alignment with my vision. A point needs to be reached somewhere, and experience shows that not everyone is inherently skilled at that. Crafting a film is delivering a work of art, and this naturally isn’t a formula where you can guarantee an outcome with mathematical precision. This requires a significant amount of trust (in the director) and letting go (on your part). With over 10 years of experience, having created over a hundred films, I can always provide a reliable and honest estimate of the time needed for your production

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