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Why collaborate with us?

First, we love…. no no no no no, wait. We ADORE dogs. For us, dogs are our family members. Not ‘just our dogs’. Second, we know the power of  storytelling and having our dearest memories captured in a film.

I, Carolien Oosterhoff, have been a filmmaker for over 12 years now. I know to capture a story in a creative and unique manner. I have a sharp eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. This means that I’m eager to zoom in (literally) on your unique doggie, while also considering how this narrative resonates with the bigger picture.


Your dog deserves to be cinematically captured in its stunning glory. That’s why I’m well-acquainted with my film equipment. I want to know everything about it, because that’s how I can extract its full potential and achieve the results I desire for you! I mainly work with the Panasonic GH4, utilizing professional Røde / Zoom audio equipment and Manfrotto stabilizers / rigs. When it comes to film editing, FCPx holds no secrets for me. And, of course, I rely on my Mac computers, the favorite ‘Porsche’ among creatives.


I follow clear procedures when collaborating with your dog and you. If you choose to work with me, I’ll help you articulate your ideas about what film you’d like to have of your dog, translate those into a relevant storyline, and ultimately craft a creative, personal film that resonates with you and your family.

Planning + Execution

You will be 100% informed of every step in our procedures. Our schedule serves as a kind of ‘Track & Trace’ for our collaboration, allowing you to keep track of progress. Every two weeks, I’ll update you on the progress.

I value transparency, humor, intelligence, self-awareness, and versatility in the people I collaborate with.


  • Wheel of Consent ‘Like a Pro’, Betty Martin (2021)
  • Writer’s Course, Brigitte van Tuijl (2021)
  • VIP Business coaching, Brigitte van Tuijl (2020)
  • Optimize Me, Brian Johnson (2020-2021)
  • Wheel of Consent, Robyn Dalzen (2020)
  • Het Stemgilde, Jan Kortie (2019/2020)
  • Insights to Intimacy, Heart IQ Academy (2017)
  • Het Helende Verhaal, Phoenixopleidingen (2017)
  • Heart IQ Experience week, Heart IQ Academy (2017)
  • Moeder & Dochter – terug naar je vrouwelijke bron, Phoenixopleidingen (2015)
  • Scenarioschrijven, Schrijversvakschool, Amsterdam (2015)
  • Relaties als spiegel, Phoenixopleidingen (2014)
  • Op Verhaal Komen, Phoenixopleidingen (2014)
  • Ode an die Freude, Academie voor Stembevrijding, Amsterdam (2012-2014)
  • Tantra-opleiding, v/h Amalaya (Duitsland) (2012) – bestaat niet meer…
  • Camera College, Camera & Montage (2012)
  • Big Mission, Big Impact, Brigitte van Tuijl (2012)
  • 3-jarige: NLP, TA en Systemisch Werk – Phoenixopleidingen (2009-2012)
  • Overgave, vrouw en seksuele energie – Phoenixopleidingen (2009)
  • Omgaan met angst, woede en weerstand – Phoenixopleidingen (2008)
  • Parent Effectiveness Trainer, Thomas Gordon institute (2004)
  • Psychologie (2 ½ jaar) – UvA,  Amsterdam (2000)
  • Interviewtechnieken – Stichting Communicatie (1994)
  • Lerarenopleiding Engels – v/h Ubbo Emmius Groningen (1993)

Dog related education

  • Spirit Dogtraining – Obedience (2023)
  • Spirit Dogtraining – Goodbye Leash Pulling (2023)
  • Homeschool The Dog, Susan Garrett (2023)
  • Detectiewerk Hondenschool De Gabber (2022)
  • Gevorderdenopleiding Hondenschool De Gabber (2021)
  • Basisopleiding Hondenschool De Gabber (2021)
  • Puppycursus Omnia Hondenschool (2021)

Photography related education

  • Mastering Portrait Photography, Paul Wilkinson (2023)

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